Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My booth

Wow, ladies.  You've really been making my week.  Almost 40 new followers, and 40 some comments for my Fat Bottomed Girl.  You really know how to make a girl smile.

That being said, I have to apologize for such a huge lull in posts.  This last week I moved into my little booth at Lisa's II Antique Mall.  I have also been busy working on new pieces, hosting a baby shower, making cupcakes, cakes, and cake pops.

Quickly, before I get into the meat and potatoes of the post, I'll show you the quick before and after of the bedroom outfit you'll see below.

(okay, so I already did the top here...just play along! And imagine the bed's in with it.  You get the gist.)

Yay, huh?  I like it.  It's a 1/2 and 1/2 mixture of old white and Paris grey, clear, and dark wax all over.  I left the imperfections, and love how they grabbed the dark wax.  The dresser was missing a knob on the top, so I replaced them all with clear glass ones.  I'm sharing the dresser at Miss Mustard Seed's party...

Furniture Feature Fridays

OKAY- now the real point of this post...  My booth.  #17.  Kind of perfect that I was randomly assigned that number, since I was born on the 17th.

I'm on a corner in the upper level.  I'd prefer to be on the lower level, but since I must be on the upper one, my spot is great for two reasons.  First, I'm literally diagonal from the elevator, which is a big help since I have furniture.  Second, it's right at the top of the stairs, so it gets a good amount of attention.

Now, the downfall.  I think you can see the major one.  I don't have a wall.  I have a half wall, which means that my booth looks cluttered because you can see all the other booths that are (in my opinion) a bit over crowded and sometimes unfocused.  The divider that I share with the booth on my right is an eyesore and needs to be covered.  I have a tiny section of outdated looking peg board, and still don't have any hooks to hang anything on them.  The two frames hanging there are only there b/c they have wires that I could loop around the back of the hooks sticking through from the other side. I can't hang anything from the ceiling.

I'm really excited to have this space though, and I'm going to make it a cute and functional.  This weekend is the Holiday open house, and I really want to have more up in the way of dividers, and be able to tote down a few more larger pieces before then.  I'm planning to hang a drop cloth curtain along my divider wall, hang some burlap to cover the outdated peg board, put some doors in the open corner to section it off....but I really can't think of what to do on my half wall to hide the booth behind it.


More soon.  For now, I'm off to paint.


  1. You booth looks lovely. I don't have a booth, but I've done craft shows and of course, had the same problem. Some ideas: use floor screens or make your own out of antique shutters. See this post I did about craft fairs for some ideas and pics: http://wherethegrassisgreener-rz.blogspot.com/2010/12/craft-show-booth-success-part-two.html

  2. Yay for you and your booth - it's so great that you are doing what you love to do!! I wish you tons of success and wish the visions in my head traveled down to my hands as yours does!!!

  3. Can you get some of those office cubicle things from a used office furniture place, recovering them in fabric, or just drop cloth?
    You booth looks great... that is my dream! Someday, Someday....


  4. How about old doors as backdrops....Then make a brace on the bottom so they don't topple over and then you could hang tons of stuff on them!

  5. or use garden trellis and like the simple tall rectangle kind and cover them with burlap or painter's cloth...the trellis would be fairly light


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