Monday, September 19, 2011

Chalk paint

Dear Blogland,

I have decided I want NEED to try some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

(Photo from

I'm having a really hard time getting over the sticker shock on it's price though.  Please, if you know, tell me where I can buy it without super high shipping.  Unfortunately, there are no shops locally that sell it (that I can see).  If you were just starting out, just testing it, what would you buy?  Do I need the brushes?  If not for the paint, for the wax?  Help a paint-crazy-girl out!

♥-- Kayla


  1. Hi
    Tried to respond via email, but got the dreaded no-reply to blogger response. You need to include your email on your blog.
    Anyway, here is a list of vendors:
    It is expensive, but it literally goes a long way. I've painted a number of frames, and two tables and I still have a half a can left. I use my own brush and I use regular Johnson's paste wax, although I am dying to try some of their dark wax. I think some of the places do have a flat rate for shipping and prices on cans vary so you need to shop around. You can also buy samples to try from some vendors. Sorry, this is so long...

  2. Hi! You didn't fix the email...I think you have to add it to your profile, but here's a blog that will give you some awesome tips:

  3. You can make custom colored chalkboard paint yourself in any color! No need to pay shipping as all you need is at your local hardware/ home improvement store. Just use the directions on the Martha Stewart Website:

  4. I make my own chalk paint and I can talk to you about that through email. Also, there is a store in Chesterfield Mall in Chesterfield, MO that sells it. Here is the link. I still to this day have not tried Annie Sloan's paint. But here is your local retailer.

  5. reading your comments and there is a local ascp retailer?!?! And only 15 minutes from me?? Just made my night!


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