Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Our Labor Day weekend

I know Labor Day has come and gone, but I'm just getting around to sharing...a few days late.  

We spent our weekend up in the Wisconsin Northwoods at my in-law's cabin.  We fished, played games, and enjoyed each other's company.  It was a welcome, and unexpected break.  Hubs found out on Thursday that he wouldn't have to go in and round, and that we could head up to spend the weekend with his family.  We left the next afternoon.

Hubs had the largest catches of the weekend.

Mason and his cousins had fun looking at the fish...but holding them was out of the question.  The thought of it left us with kids squealing, jumping, and running away.  To give Mason a little credit, he was willing to hold a fish, until he grabbed hold of it and it flipped out of his hands.  Too scary for these toddlers for right now.

As we were heading home, I spotted this AWESOME sale with an entire yard full of antique dressers, chairs, tables, and other oddities.  Hubs reluctantly circled back around and let me browse.  Unfortunately, since my SUV is in the shop with the transmission out, we had a loaner car and nothing big was going to fit with the three of us, two dogs, our luggage, and all the fishing gear we took up.  I did get to buy a cool antique box, and pulley though...

On our way home, we stopped at Hub's grandma's house.  Mason and I picked some apples, we had dinner and visited briefly.  I noticed an old Aunt Jemima Mammy bank near the door, and commented on it, and Grandma Bert told me to take it home!!  Squeel!  I love old cast iron banks.

Then yesterday, Mason and I drove down to my mom's house for dinner.  We brought along some of the fish we brought home from the trip, and picked grapes from my mom's grape vine.  We're (okay, Hubs is) planning to make homemade wine...and if that fails, I'll be making jelly.  :)

How was your Labor Day weekend?  Did you spend time with family, or do anything special?

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