Saturday, August 6, 2011

How to cover buttons.

Hello, friends.  I'm alive, I promise.  Remember my last post, about having a ton of projects to work on?  Well, what would a DIYaholic be if she couldn't finish all of those before adding to the list?  Not worthy of "aholic" after her name, that's for sure...and since I am worthy of such a title, it's only fitting that I added three other pieces to that project list of mine.  I promise, you'll see some progress soon.

Until then, I'm going to share a little piece of one of those projects with you here as I show you how to cover buttons.  It really is so simple, and such a great way to coordinate with fabrics you're using on projects.  P.S.-- if you cringe when you see dirty hands, don't read this.  We'll just say I had a black spray paint mishap today, and leave it at that.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Section of fabric
  • Button cover kit
  • scissors
  • hammer

First, open your kit and make sure all pieces are present.  You can find a button cover kit at any craft store.  I picked up a 5/8" kit with a 40% off coupon for less than $2.50.  Your kit should include a circle template (mine was part of the packaging that I cut out from the cardboard, so be careful when opening the package), mold, pusher, and button shells and backs.  Then lie your template on your fabric, and draw circles centered around the area you would like to show on your buttons.  Now, cut the circles out of your fabric.

Place the round of fabric wrong side up in the mold, and push the button shell down into the mold.

Then fold and tuck the extra fabric inside the shell.

Place the back down on top of the shell.

Now, place your pusher over the back, and with the mold on a hard surface, press down firmly.  You may be able the press the entire button down this way, but I found that it would go half way, and get stuck.  It needed a little extra power on it that was more than what my thumbs were able to give, so I gave it a few gentle taps with a hammer.

Once the back is set down evenly within the mold, you're done!  Turn the mold over and push on the center to pop the button out.

That's it!  You have cute, professional looking little buttons to match your project!

Stay tuned to see where these little buttons end up!

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