Saturday, August 6, 2011

Take her for all she's worth

Two posts in less than 24 hours-- what what??  Well, I had to share what hubs I found today with you guys.  I have a project I'm working on that I hope to be able to show you a little later this week.  I've been needing some foam for it.  When I went to the fabric shop to price it, I found out it would be around $70 for a piece in the size I needed.  Ridiculous.  Not going to happen.  So, in the footsteps of  Little Miss Penny Wenny I followed, searching for a couch from which I could rob the cushions.

Today it happened...and we all have my ever-complaining-that-I-have-too-much-junk hubs to thank since he alerted me to this beauty curbside.

Loverly, isn't she?  Well, she has some things going for her.  She's clean (aside from that little mark on her side)...and she's a hide-a-bed thing, only without a real mattress which means more foam!  So I started ripping into her.

I was completely shocked to find out just how much was foam...and to see that all that remained was Styrofoam   Seriously.  Styrofoam.  There were two little strips of wood that were there to tack fabric to, and that was it.  So I stripped her down, took her for all she was worth, and left her skin and bones Styrofoam and cover.

And took all this inside to hoard in my little project room.  *Mental note-- must find more chairs for all this foam!

Have you ever considered taking a free couch home, just to steal the goodies inside (and no, I don't mean that piece of stale cracker, and $.07)?

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